Our paper on traceability on real-time messaging for vehicular networks has been award the Best Paper Award in the 4th International Symposium on Mobile Internet Security (MobiSec), 2019.

Thanks for the great work by W.-Y. Hsieh and C.-L. Kao.

Here are the abstract of the paper.

Autonomous vehicles are capable of navigating without any intervention of human based on on-board sensor data and wayside sensor data. However, when an incident occurs, responsibility and liability must be indubitably decided based on those data received by vehicle in the past. Without those data or if the stored data is incorrect, one cannot reproduce the accident’s scene correctly which will lead to incorrect result of accident forensic process. Therefore, we need a secure and real-time data logging system to record the data received by each vehicle.

In this work, we propose a secure, real-time, and distributed data logging system with higher fault tolerance and scalability based on Blockchain technology, which enables autonomous vehicles log every data they received in real-time and ensure data integrity. In addition to Blockchain technology, digital signature and cryptography hash function are also included in our proposed system in order to detect if the stored data has been tampered. If the data is tampered, the system is able to detect the time period during which the data is tampered. With these properties, our system is capable of deploying in VANET and the stored data will be secure and reliable. ***